Silence of the Lambs (1991) FULL DVD9 (ISO) Criterion Collection 

Silence of the Lambs (1991) FULL DVD9 (ISO) Criterion Collection
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Silence of the Lambs (1991) FULL DVD9 (ISO) Criterion Collection picture
Silence of the Lambs (1991) FULL DVD9 (ISO) Criterion Collection

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This is a DVD rip to an ISO so you can watch it on your media player, mount it to a virtual drive or burn it to a DVD. You can even unzip it with WinZip or WinRAR to unpack it to the original VOBs.

This rip is a (DVD-9)

- What I mean by (DVD-9) this ISO is a 1:1 rip and is not compressed in any way if you are burning this you may need a double layer disc.
- What I mean by (DVD-5) this ISO has been compressed to fit onto a single layer disc, the main film has been touched as little as possible and unless you are watching this on a high definition projector at over 60 inches you should not be able to notice any difference. Nothing has been taken out of the original DVD.


118 minutes
Spoken Language: English
Subtitles: None

Jonathan Demme

Anthony Hopkins, Jodie Foster, Scott Glenn, Ted Levine, Anthony Heald, Brooke Smith, Diane Baker, Kasi Lemmons

Disc Features:
* Commentary by Jonathan Demme, stars Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins, screenwriter Ted Tally, and FBI agent John Douglas
* Seven deleted scenes
* Film-to-storyboard comparison
* Storyboards
* FBI crime classification manual
* Voices of Death: word-for-word statements of convicted serial killers

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Academy Award
Best Picture
Best Actress: Jodie Foster 
Best Writing Adapted Screenplay 
Best Director: Jonathan Demme 
Best Actor: Anthony Hopkins 
Best Sound nominee 
Best Film Editing nominee 

Best Actor: Anthony Hopkins 
Best Actress: Jodie Foster 
Best Direction nominee: Jonathan Demme 
Best Film nominee 

Golden Globe Awards
Best Actress in a Motion Picture (Drama) 
Best Motion Picture (Drama) nominee 
Best Director (Motion Picture) nominee 
Best Actor in a Motion Picture (Drama) nominee 

From Thomas Harris’s novel, director Jonathan Demme explodes and reconstructs a classic genre, laying a foundation of emotional and political commitment beneath a perfectly constructed psychological thriller. Fourteen years after her controversial role in Taxi Driver, Jodie Foster finally makes the transformation from helpless victim to rescuing hero in this dark, gender-bending fairy tale of an American obsession: serial murder. As Hannibal “the Cannibal” Lecter, Anthony Hopkins is the archetypal antihero—cultured, quick-witted, uncontainable—a portrait of all the sharpest human faculties gone diabolically wrong. Winner of five Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Screenplay Adaptation for Ted Tally.

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Many thanks for continuing to share the Criterion versions of so many landmark films.
Hi Auge, Straw Dogs Criterion disc 1 is here, though terribly seeded. I'm downloading it myself and it hasn't budged even a bit in days.
once again, a great classic upload!
Auge, how do I contact you regarding 'getting you what you want' off the 'want list' mentioned...they are available.
disimagery2 If you are at Demonoid you can IM me. If not let me know, maybe work something out.
I got this disc last week; an officemate had four Criterion Collection DVDs that I did not have: WR: Mysteries of the Organism Hard Boiled The Silence of the Lambs How to Get Ahead In Advertising They were all still in shrink-wrap and all but one was out of print. This incredibly cool officemate let me peal the wrappers off and rip the discs . . . pretty cool huh? I have yet to watch the extras, but am looking forward to it. I watched this one when it came out in theaters, I was 21 years old and living in the University District of Seattle I was young, single and worked and lived within walking distance of three cinemas so I watched a lot of film. These cinemas are ran by Landmark Theaters, both then and now they are the place to go for art house, foreign and festival films.
is this PAL ? thanks for upping dvd9, much better. the best tool for me if I only have dvd5 discs, is to open it in dvdshrink. The easiest program ever.and free
can i get a seed on this please ??? i was hoping to find this months ago and this wasnt here. found it now and its really dead already! great upload here! a nice gem ! hope to get it! happy new year all!
Please seed!! thank very much!