Skyrim Total Enhancement Project (STEP) 2.1.0b Mod Compilation 

Skyrim Total Enhancement Project (STEP) 2.1.0b Mod Compilation
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Elder Scrolls Skyrim Total Enhancement Project STEP 2.1.0 Mod Compilation
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First torrent, and it's one I've felt was lacking.

The Skyrim Total Enhancement Project is one of the best tutorials for getting Skyrim looking top notch and as pretty as it should have been from the gate. The only draw back is how long it takes to download everything and then install it. This torrent is to take care of the first half. I've downloaded, named, and did my best to organize all the required and recommended mods for a complete STEP installation. Due to the variety of options you'll have to download it yourself.

Now, to anyone who says, "Did you get permission?" No. I didn't, and I don't care. For one, many of you are pirates (which is fine by me) so it's mighty haughty of you to care about permission. The other portion of you who thinks this is copyright infringement or mod creators aren't getting the recognition, to this I say, oh well. I haven't modified the mods (except removing files/folders outlined in the STEP guide) and full credit still goes to them. This is simply to serve a convenience purpose.

If there is a respectable approval and downloading of this I'll consider updating in accordance to STEP, if not I'll at least seed it because I have awesome Internet.



I made an account just now so I could tell you how much I appreciate this. I was just thinking about the daunting task of downloading all those mods separately (for the third time already) and how much of an arduous process it really is. Thank you so much for doing this and hopefully you can keep updating this as well!
You guys are welcome. :) Glad to just happy to help the community out. I'll provide updates when they're big, but if one or two mods are added or removed, that's your duty! Work and school keep me busy. Just reference this for updates!
I love you, man.
awesome! Thx so much!!
No need to use legal Skyrim game, razzor fits perfect.. just download nexusmodmanager. Nice work !
Thanks a lot u saved me lot of time, this is the third time i was going to mess with mods since previous 2 went wrong after i installed lot of them untill the game become uplayable... thanks a lot again...
I'm building a 2.21 install by hand right now, and I wish I had seen this earlier XD Keep up the good work.
Any chance of updating this to 2.2.1 when it's out? It would be greatly appreciated