Laibach - Iron Sky The Original Film Soundtrack 

Laibach - Iron Sky The Original Film Soundtrack
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Laibach Iron Sky We Come In Peace OST
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Original soundtrack to the 2012 motion picture. In the year 1945 the Nazis went to Moon, and in 2018 they are coming back. This is the premise of the sci-fi film Iron Sky, the upcoming movie project from the creators of the hugely popular internet hit Star Wreck. The soundtrack of the invasion is provided by Industrial and Electronic music heavyweights, the Slovenian ensemble Laibach, in collaboration with Ben Watkins as a co-writer and producer of the score. Mute.


ripped by CDex, here is the tracklist: 01 – B – Mashina (Iron Sky Prequel) 02 – Take Me To Heaven 03 – Problems, Big Time! Schwarze Sonne 04 – Classroom (Where Are We From) Spaceship Hangar 05 – Kameraden, Wir Kehren Heim! 06 – Ein Spion Von Der Erde 07 – Sauerkraut 08 – Washington’s Escape 09 – Dr. Richter’s Laboratory 10 – Vivian’s Untergang 11 – Klaus And Renate 12 – In The Machine 13 – Renate And Washington At The Lab Albinising Operation 14 – Nazi Expedition To Earth 15 – Renate’s Surprise 16 – Peace Lovin’ Brother Rap 17 – The Good Times For The Bad People 18 – Renate’s Message Of Peace 19 – The Miracle In White House 20 – The Answer To The Question 21 – The Moon Nazis Are Coming 22 – 125′ Later Ragtime 23 – A Good War Blues (Klaus And Vivian) 24 – Die Flotte Ist Bereit 25 – Der Fuhrer’s Last Waltz 26 – Meteorblitzkrieg Begins 27 – Ready To Face The Music (Counterattack) 28 – UN Security Council Confessions 29 – Space Battle Suite 30 – James And Renate Inside The Gotterdammerung 31 – The United States Of America Does Not Negotiate With Terrorists 32 – Moon Attack 33 – Gotterdammerung Muss Fliegen 34 – Feuer Frei! 35 – Fight Between Washington And Dr. Richter 36 – Klaus And Renate’s Final ‘Rendezvous’ 37 – The Fall Of Gotterdammerung 38 – America 39 – Under The Iron Sky 40 – End Title (We Leave In Peace)
Why hasn't the movie been recorded and uploaded online yet? I can't watch it here in the States because it ain't here yet.
I agree! Thanks a lot for the soundtrack, but we want the movieee!!!!!
yes please anyone who has this movie upload it. America and canada will not be getting this in theatres..maybe it can be ordered on DVD
Go to the movies website and demand it for your region. It has worked in a lot of countries.
Also: WTF is up with the all caps? Did a retarded radioactive sloth bite your dick when you ripped?
Apart from that, thx for the upload! :)
the movie brought me here lol thanks for the upload wagnerlaibach =]]
Godless Natzi's go to Hell; also all of the track titles are in CAPS; Believe in Jesus and go to Heaven; good mp3 quality though, thanks
Thank you so much for uploading this soundtrack! I got the movie from YIFY and knew I had to have the soundtrack. Laibach is amazing!