Bleach 1-366 + Movies Batch Complete 

Bleach 1-366 + Movies Batch Complete
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English, Japanese
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Bleach 1-366 + Movies Batch Complete picture
Bleach Episodes 1-366 END
Movies 1-4
Movie 1-3 Blu ray
Movie 4: 720p

Episodes 1-130 Are Dual Audio/Japanese&English Audio 
Episodes 131-366 Are Japanese WIth English Subs

Quality: Best Bleach Episodes available


Dl: 1 Kb/s UL: 546kb/s My struggles...
gooooooooooooooooooooooooood ^_^ ty
I'm going insane waiting for this to download, for some reason it's not getting many seeds out of the 120
What quality is the video exactly?
great torrent, downloaded in les than 6 hours, now im uploading with 500kb/s :)) thnx Daman4Iife
Cmon guys seed, its taking forever. Im downloading with 7 KB/s. Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed. Seems like a decent torrent though. I promise to seed when it finishes... SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED!!!!!!!!!!!
Just finished downloading, checked quality and its awesome. Great work, keep it up! I will be seeding this! Thnx a lot
Am I the only one that run into the audio issue? In some scenes they speech would occur before the character would speak.
Great torrent, totally worth the wait! A:10/10 V:10/10
Are the episodes from 1-130 subbed?
Thank you so much, downloading at 1mb/s. Keep the seeding up folks and i will too :D
Please someone upload "Glass Fleet (ガラスの艦隊 Garasu no Kantai?), subtitled La Legende du Vent de l'Univers (lit. the Legend of the Wind of the Universe)" ps Aizen rocks.
@Daman4Iife I don't want to complain or anything, 'cause this is a GREAT torrent and a HUGE THANKS!!! for it. But episode 10 is incomplete... 66MB (compared to the ~90MB of the other files). Is there any chance you could look into this?
uhm could someone tell me if these are dvdrip? just started bleach and i didnt like the first ep but it got pretty good around 16eps. anyway,the wii can only handle dvdrip quality and since it says the movie is blueray...thank you and hope someone answers.
Thank you. Not the best quality available, as there have been some episodes released in 720p, but certainly a commendable effort on your part. You have my, and I'm sure many others', gratitude.
come on guys seed ... im getting 40 kbps its going to take 15 weeks >.<
bro ik u prob have already but can u seed this for awhile again? im at 91.7 and its been weeks now -.- 2 weeks remaining apparently >.> sooo yeah anyone who wold be so kind as to seed xD
The episode 170 has bad sounds it's like lagging
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