Borderlands.All.DLC-SiMON (2xDVD5) 

Borderlands.All.DLC-SiMON (2xDVD5)
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8.28 GB
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Including DLC
- The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned
- Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot
- The Secret Armory of General Knoxx
- Claptrap's New Robot Revolution

Mount, Install & PLAY! (ENGLISH ONLY!)


plz seed
cmon seed
when I level... I don't seem to be getting points to put into things..? I downloaded it from this torrent for sure.
on my last comment, I guess at level 5 is when you start getting points.. so nevermind if that's true.
nevermind about the leveling up thing.. I think you start getting points at level 5.
Is this fully functioning?
@opaleg you dont get any points until lvl 5, maybe thats why? ;) Great game great torrent!
it works perfect:) thx dude
What is the version of this game?
Works like a charm. I was getting some errors that said certain files were "read only" but I just hit ignore (about a thousand times) and all my problems were solved. I Downloaded the (razor1911) game Then the 1.4.1 patch And now the DLC to complete the game. There are torrents out there that have all of those in one file, but I couldn't get them to work.
It didnt work for me. It said a .dll was missing
sweet absolutly flawless/ easy instal/l no crack/ no nothing/ everything work as it should/ ive noticed that this one boots quicker than the others ASUS G75 I7 3610QM NVIDIA GTX 670 M WINDOWS7 HOME PREMIUM 64BIT also ive tried the most downloaded torrent and it asks for a key for the DLC this one does NOT IF ANYONE HAS THE [ physxcudart_20 missing i have it or google it]
These are DLCs only right? Not the game and DLCs? I know I know, I sound quite stupid asking these questions.
I Followed the directions exactly but when i go into binaries and click on borderlands.exe an error message comes up: The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration in incorrect Please see the application event log for more detail. Can anyone help me?
physxcudart_20.dll i have it just email me peace from hawaii
thanks .bone. you are the man peace from hawaii
for the physxcudart_20.dll missing issue, just do this: go to your game's "Binaries" folder, in there you''ll find a cudart.dll file. Copy & paste it. Now, you'll have 2 cudart.dll files on the same folder. Just rename the second one to physxcudart_20.dll, and you're good to go.
i also have the same question as vmanwiz. These are DLCs only right? Not the game and DLCs?
@ vmanwiz & qtchini2ja: Nope, this torrent contains the game AND the DLCs. Works flawlessly, thanks BONE.
Thanks! Worked perfectly for me. My retail copy went missing and I needed a good replacement! Actually, I had no intentions of ever playing again, as much as I loved it but the damn Borderlands 2 commercials got me feeling nostalgic! lol Might do CO-OP with my girl until we get the cash to by B2 in a few weeks.
Thanks for the share mate. Great torrent as all of your other works, will not be a wrong to say that you have the other groups WAYY FAR behind in terms of the quality of your releases. CHEERS
What version is it? also, can I play online (gamespy) with it? Thanks
MSE flags BorderlandsBinariesrld.dll as and at the same time it also quarantined this file: AppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsTemporary Internet FilesContent.IE56BD13R5Jpr2[1].htm saying it's a Rogue:JS/FakePAV