Fame-Girls Ella Set 184 

Fame-Girls Ella Set 184
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Fame-Girls Teen Nonude Model Sandra Virginia Ella
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Fame-Girls Ella Set 184

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Please note: This is not porn.	

This will be the last of the Fame-Girls sets that I upload. Sorry.

Reading the blog that I post each week for the preview, I have to agree with that was written. Been a member to Fame-Girls for over a year now, and uploading the sets isn't showing support. It's kind of a slap in the face. So again, I'm sorry for growing a conscious.

From the times that I wasn't able to upload the recent sets, other people picked up the slack. So it's not like you guys will go without.

Take care all.


I had to create an account just so I could thank you for all your long service. I appreciate all of the work you've done and all the benefits the fans have enjoyed over the years, but I can also understand why you are stopping and all I can say is I'm glad that it lasted as long as it did. Thank you again! G
@WMIappreciator You're very welcome :)
Just wow, this is what i have been waiting for from Ella. Best Fame girls set ever in my opinion, thanks for all your hard work wmi.
Legendary! Thank you!
Thx for all your great work WMI ! FameGirls will be gone too any day now. The girls are getting older every day. Sandra, and maybe Ella too, has retired a long time ago. Good bye to you WMI The Legend! And goodbye very soon to all 3 FameGirls too. "All Things Must Pass" said George Harrison (ex-Beatle). It's a fact, an eternal truth.
...thanks for sharing, your work has been appreciated. And remember on thing...as to the negative comments? Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and most of them belong there.
Simply thank you, you have opened the eyes me and have the whole reason, but I have not means to pay for my short age, and tendre that to continue seeking to lower like set of fame-girls You see other one thank you for all your contributions
Loved your uploads, WMI! And what a set to go out on! Way to go out on top!
I have never flipped through a Fame-Girls set so slowly in my life! Loved the set. Thanks WBI. Damn, this girl is out-of-this-world gorgeous!
Deep down we (all your fans) knew that this day will come, you know what they say every good thing must come to an end. WMI THANKS FOR YOUR KINDNESS and for taking the time each week to upload the set.
Thanks everyone. It's been a great year, hasn't it? This torrent marked my 225th Fame-Girls upload. Would have been more, but I was banned back in Dec of 2010, and those previous FG uploads were deleted. It was a misunderstanding, and the ban was reversed. 1 year, 1 month, 15 days later, here we are. I sent an email to the wmi site owner, and he said he will continue to do the blog and previews. So if you guys still need a fix, there is always that. Anyways, have fun all. Peace. Love ya guys.
Thanks Dude! Ella should get her own site in my opinion. I'd sign up for that.
a big thank you wmi,a great job.well done you'll be missed.
definately worth a plus 1
I'd just like to add my thanks to all the others here,fantastic work and you will be missed. All the best to you.
Please stop posting softcore pornography in the pictures section. Pornography of any type belongs in the Porn section. Child porn specifically belongs on the Tor network. It's terribly inconsiderate to post porn in this section of tpb as there is a whole other section dedicated to pornography.
Very, very impressive work!