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Rosetta Stone Japanese - Jowder
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Rosetta Stone japanese Jowder language fast learn iso windows
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Rosetta Stone Japanese Language Level 1-3:

Rosetta Stone Japanese Language complete set for learning the Japanese fast, and easily. One really great language to learn, and to speak! Such as elegant tone of voice and culture that you will surely love to learn more.

Requirements: (Minimum)

Rosetta Stone Program
Windows 2000, XP or Vista
512 MB RAM
1 GHz or faster processor speed
600 MB free hard-drive space (per level)
16-bit sound card
800 x 600 display resolution (1024 x 768 recommended)
Speech recognition feature requires a headset microphone (USB recommended)
16X CD-ROM Drive (for installation)


Burn to a CD-ROM that fits the levels size. Then, insert a disk and open Rosetta Stone, add the language. Start learning a new language fast!*One disk for each level!

*If there is any comments or concerns, please leave a comment below. I will be glad to help you. Also, will consider taking requested uploads by comments, so any suggestions, leave a comment. Thanks and enjoy!	

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I'm confused, the ISO files don't contain any .exe or installer just 4 folders : 1-data (an average of 550 mb with .rsd files) 2-documentation(an average of 4 mb with .pdf files) 3-languages (an average of 1 mb) 4-speech (an average of 2 mb) So my question here is .... ┬┐how do I use this 3 .iso files then?
Hey, downloading it now, just a doubt though. Do they learn writing as well, i mean, most languages usually use roman characters, but not japanese.
@zippospam mount them using PowerISO, then open Rosetta Stone program to add them.
OK so I was lost at first too. Mistake #1: I only DL the language discs. You have to DL the RS base software FIRST: Next, DL the language. The ISO(language) file needs to be mounted whether you burn to a disc or use Daemon tools to virtual mount (I used Daemon). Install the RS software. Copy crack file. Open RS. Add language from disc drive. good 2 go!
passingas1day-Do I need to buy the damon tools pro, or can I use the trial version?
Can someone please give me the step by step directions please. I never done this before or used damon or poweriso.
will allowing it to update make it useable?
Whats the activation ID for the three levels?
I was able to mount but unaware wat to do. Also the link for the RS software isnt working.
everything works great. but what about the activation codes for the language its self?
ACTIVATION CODE FIX!!! Ok to get full access to the language lessons you have to: 1) uninstall rosetta stone (if you already have it installed) 2)Install rosetta stone BUT DONT LET IT RUN AFTER INSTALL! 3) Find the rosetta stone file and overwrite the Rosetta Stone v3.4.5 file with the file from the crack folder. 4) then operate as normal. everything should work. add your languages as you normally would. sadly you will lose all progress you have already made. Also this torrent is only the language. Not the actual program. You have to do a torrent search for the program. You can also find deamon tools on tpb. the lite version will work. I hope this works for you guys. it worked for me. :P
im having difficulty. i have rosetta stone 3.4.5. and i have these iso files. i also have nero burning rom. tried twice burning the iso to discs, failed twice and now running out of discs.rosetta stone does not detect them. how do i use nero to put them properly onto a disc?
i cant thank you enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok, so I got the programs onto the disks and it's running fine. Now the only problem is that to unlock all the content I have to have an activation code. Where do I get it from?
Okay, here's a tutorial on how to do this: -Download the program (Obviously) -Run the installer, but do NOT let it launch after install. (It will try to, uncheck the box at the end of the install) -Go to program files, then to Rosetta stone. -Drag the "Crack" Rosetta Stone from your downloads into the Rosetta stone folder in Program Files. -Run the program. (Note, this torrent is just the Language Files, you'll have to get Rosetta Stone itself somewhere else) Now, to install the language. -Download this torrent. -Download PowerISO. -Open PowerISO and insert a writeable CD. -Open the ISO file you downloaded in PowerISO and click mount, then burn. -Run Rosetta Stone -Click Add/Remove a Language -Insert the CD -Ta da! It's done. Thanks, this is a great torrent. Anyone know if there are levels 4-5?
instead of writing it on a disc with PowerISO can we just use daemon tools instead?
to mount it on a drive? (sorry, i forgot to finish last comment)
Unless you have the activation codes, which you don't, do not bother downloading any rosetta stone because you will not get past level two in any language without it.
jesus...has everyone gone completely stupid? It must be the current generation...the "me generation"....don't worry about the comment from these low-techs...a little tech elbow grease and it is fine...thank you for the upload.
If I install a cracked version of rosetta stone on a mac, can I use these ISOs? (I'm thinking not)