Wii softmod 4.3 or any system 

Wii softmod 4.3 or any system
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Download to softmod any wii to play games from external hdd. older wiis can use discs to play backups.


New torrent so please seed when done
dont expect reply but the pdf file is password protected what is it
the password is piratesrule if you actually read the text file you wouldve figured that out
You my friend are a genius. Been on trying to do this for 3 days solid until I found this. Works a treat. Simple, precise, step by step instructions, exactly what was needed. The only thing I replaced was doing the homebrew channel without the game, using something called letterbomb. Cheers.
new way to install the homebrew channel without needing a game. follow this link. glendvd mentioned it before i can post it haha. http://wiibrew.org/wiki/LetterBomb
I had just spent so long using all the supposed recommended sites for days, and nothing came up with anything of any sense. If you want something that is straight forward and to the point, simple to use and in easy terms, then I highly recommend your torrent.
Ive got a site setup that shows how do softmod 4.3 wiis complete with easy to follow videos if anyones interested. http://affable.dynastynet.net/~dnet/games/index.html
Password protecting a zip file is a shitty thing to do. There is no excuse for it.
The only thing that is password protected is the pdf instructions, its because they were also uploaded on a forum where they had to be password protected.
stop complaining about the password, its inconvenient but the pass is in the torrent file, just press Ctrl F and find it.
I seem to notice a lot of people bitching about passwords and whatnot on TPB. The bottom line is if you don't like it go fuck yourself and don't fucking download it. So sick of people bitching about things that they are getting for free. Not to mention it takes time for the uploader to put it all together and upload the torrent. FFS if you don't like the fact of a password LarryInColumbus then go fucking buy the games for the fucking wii. Don't be so fucking lazy that you can't read the text file and look for it.
BTW Thanks a bunch to d.v.m. your time is much appreciated. I didn't need this as i softmodded my wii a while ago but i'm sure this could help a bunch of people. Thanks again!
works like a charm, just use letterbomb to load homebrew instead. http://hackmii.com/2011/08/letterbomb/ much easier than using an indiana jones disk to unlock the hack. the rest of this torrent is perfect. you can also download a multi media player to play movies off you hard drive on the homebrew channel from: http://wiibrew.org/wiki/MPlayer_CE playes Avi, Mp4....... thank you d.v.m.
Hi everyone, I'm following the PDF unfortunately the website cbkgames.com where the files uploaded to is down...Can anyone or d.v.m. please re-upload those files please, thanks so much
Don't worry hahaha, it's in the torrent