Fallout New Vegas Update 4 -SKiDROW / -iNFERNO 

Fallout New Vegas Update 4 -SKiDROW / -iNFERNO
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Fallout New Vegas Update V4 

By SKiDROW, Relesed by iNFERNO

Check NFO for Update notes

Dont forget to crack.


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any chance you can get the dead money dlc for pc
never mind didnt relize it was xbox exclusive
does this contain all the previous updates/fixes? or do i need to install all the updates in order?
Update 4 includes all previous updates, no other files required. Works fine for me. This is the SAME as the other skidrow update 4 torrent except this is UNRARd by inferno.
Please help! The game was working just fine, but as i love mods, i wanted to run it with NVSE, which rewuires me to have the latest update of the game. I installed the update, and copied over the cracks, but now everytime i try to launch it, in all possible ways, it crashes instantly, and gives me the message "FalloutNV Has stopped working" Please help!
Okay never mind, thanks for the update, it was just something with my mod load order
Is there some kinda weak cheat mode in this r somthing? I just opened my game and had new items, lameeeee
no cheat mode, just the DLC items
Hopefully this will make the Script Extender Work. Sucks balls you can only ge the patch through steam.
So can anyone confirm this makes NVSE work?
Dear SKiDROW / -iNFERNO, I recently downloaded Fallout New Vegas and was taken by surprise when I learned NVSE would only work with Steam. I have tried since 2/20/2011 at 9:30 PM till now when I am posting this comment to find a way to get only the update so that I may play a game that I had already bought for the console. I thank you guys for this update, I cant effectively express my gratitude right now, you cant even begin to imagine my frustration during this. Keep up the good work.
Much love. Per usual works perfectly. Thank again.
Broken. Causes "Steam Error"
HELP! I try to run the .exe's and i get "Missing file steam_api.dll" and even after i downloaded it, i still get that.