FPS Creator X9 Including Model Packs 

FPS Creator X9 Including Model Packs
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FPS Creator X9 Including Model Packs

Model packs included are: 1-7, 9-14. 16-26, 28-30, 30, 35-37 and zombie apocalypse pack 39 + sprite pack 1

Just unpack, install using setup.exe or setupscreen.exe, serial is located in the folder

And about updating, the serial was still active for me after updating to latest version. Dont know if it'll work for you tho!

U can find the updates at FPS Creators homepage

Thanks to: TKCMullahOmar for the FPS Creator X9  

And tristangt for some of the model packs 

and finally Filetube.com for the rest of the model packs!

Hope it works properly, if not, post a comment and i'll try to help as mutch as i can!


please help with the seed, my internet isnt the best! :)
Works great. No problems found. Followed the instructions and installed everything with no problems. The packs are great too. So I will help seed for a while when my net isn't being used. Thanx shuggeeman
THANKS i hate playing for things like these. its a game maker make it free >.> anyway fast download just started and its at 8.9 :D u are the best thanks :DDD
The application has encountered a problem and needs to close. Extra Debug Info: 0 0 wast of a day
hi sir shuggeeman and to everyone! can i use this packs to my FPSC X10?? hehehe thank you!
Backdoor:Win32/Beastdoor.S It popped up as soon as I opened up the model pack 35. Any info on this? Or is my antivirus just being overprotective. Microsoft security essentials picked this up.
Hello all the model packs 35 virus :) the name beastdoor.S only the model pack 35 !!!! :) This program provides access to the remote computer, which is being installed. :)
What are the requirements for this program?
Works very nice, i haven't found any problems. Thanks for the great work!(By the way, does someone knows where to find the newest model packs???)
I installed the update and now the serial won't work. :( I also keep getting error messages too. It was working 100% fine before installing the update, which I needed to do as some textures weren't showing properly.
Great Download, but when i installed the Model Packs FPS Creator kept crashing, because the scripts were updated incorrectly. Trying to work out now exactly which pack cause the error. Post again when i work it out.
Ok! So after installing and unistalling faulty packs, trying to work out which worked and which didnt, i have a list of the working packs. The following packs, once installed cause some sort of issue in game (crashing) or during the map edit (more crashing). They may work for some, but i would recommend NOT INSTALLING; - Pack 3 - Pack 4 - Pack 5 - Pack 10 - Pack 14 - Pack 18 - Pack 28 Pack 29 didn't cause any crashes, however the models in the file didn't render in the game correctly, though again that might be my PC. Feel free to install all the packs and uninstall them separately as some may work for you, however i have spent about 4 Hours doing this so i feel its best you save some time also. All other packs work perfectly (Pack 39 and Pack 9 personal favs) Thank You very much for the upload, and Happy Gaming to All!
If you are running Windows 7, don't waste your time, this will work once, then freeze up, forcing you to do the ctrl-alt-del trick to close the program, then won't work again.
------For those of you who are having trouble with windows 7 or vista: right click fps creator x9 > hit the compatibility tab > check the box that says "run in compatibility mode" > select Windows xp sp2 (or anything that has windows xp in it's name) > check the box that says "run this program as an administrator"------ You won't have any problems with it! You have to do this for other game makers made for xp as well.
I not heard about this version on internet before. Please post system requirements and all details.
Why does the Model pack 9 weapons have white squares for smoke when i shoot them? (mostly the automatic guns, i saw no problem with pistols..) PLZ HELP! ??
Trojan in rar 35
Works fine, and for anyone having trouble staying registered after updating I found a way to do it. Install all the packs first, then get the update from TGC and install it. Afterwards, look in your FPSC installation folder for a file called userdetails.ini and open it with notepad. Add your serial number to the line that needs it, and you're done. If your original serial is no good after updating, try this one: 00V1004220236bf7