Jesus Never Existed 

Jesus Never Existed
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Yes, Jesus never existed. Neither did other "alleged" historical figures like George Washington, Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, Josephus, King Nebuchadnezzar...should I continue? Only a total dunce would say that Jesus never existed. EVERY scholar on earth who is worth his/her salt admits that Jesus was a historical figure who lived during the time and area the Bible specified. They will admit this even if they don't believe in His teachings or is a Christian. The VERY SAME types of documentation and methods used to verify the above individuals existence are the same used to verify Jesus’, so how can you deny His existence? It is crystal clear what the problem is: it has nothing to do with Jesus existing, but WHAT He taught and requires of His people today. You see, if you can convince yourself and others that He never existed then you don't have to worry about His Judging you one day. Guess what? He DID exist, and still lives. Very soon He will return to save His people and punish the wicked. Just look at the prophecies in the Bible and tell me that these prophecies are wrong. You have to be completely brain dead or know nothing at all about probability to say this is just a coincidence. Exactly what the Bible says will happen shortly before His return is exactly what is happening today, literally hundreds of very specific prophecies. How can anything be clearer? Again, your problem is not with Jesus, but a judgment and HOW Jesus tells you to live. You don't want to give up your booze, pot, gay lifestyle, having premarital sex, sex with dogs, chickens, cats, mice, whatever you feel like. That is your problem. Jesus' teachings chaps your hide, so you choose to "throw out the baby with the bathwater" instead of making the decision that is logical, wise, and sensible. So, get with it and quit playing deaf, dumb, and blind. In fact, there have been folks who were literally deaf, dumb, and blind who able to “see” this and accept it as truth. But, Jesus did say that some will be able to predict the weather so accurately, but will not be able to discern the “signs of times” just before He returns. The scary thing is that He told us exactly what to look for and these events are happening right under your nose and you can’t see them. Even THIS is a prophecy and YOU are a direct fulfillment of it!
A triumphant Christianity was the active agent in destroying knowledge and access to learning. An ignorant and impoverished population was more readily subjugated by Princes of the Church. The "Word of God", far from being inerrant, has ever been a work in progress.
@Tamarind777. Not a single person, outside the fairy tale of the bible, made one mention of your Jesus during his alleged lifetime. Name one generation that has not thought that it lived in the "End times". That story has run it's course.
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