Resident Evil 4 [MAC] [Intel-Cider] 

Resident Evil 4 [MAC] [Intel-Cider]
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Movies are ripped (they kept crashing the game)

The fourth installment of Capcom's pivotal "Survival Horror" series continues with this fully-3D installment. The title takes place in 2004 some six years after the events that transpired in Resident Evil 2. The government has destroyed the Umbrella Corporation, which has been behind just about every plot and disgusting bio-chemical mutation in the survival horror series. Now-US agent Leon Kennedy (of Resident Evil 2 fame) has been dispatched to Europe to save the President's daughter from "crazed organizations."


It's kinda confusing, since the games file icon is SPORE(TM) Creature Creator Trial Edition. But anywho, it's a bit glitchy, since i can't get to the menu, in the game, and also after the first villian, it's just shows a black screen, and...doesn't do anything. I thought it was a loading screen, but then again, it didn't show 'loading' like in the previously. I guess there is supposed to be shown a movie, or something, but it doesn't do anything. Is there a way to get through it?
To be more precise, the cut scenes doesn't show. Didn't show the first one, just was a black screen. I pressed esc. and it went on the loading screen. And at the second cut scene it just gets stuck. Doesn't do anything when i press any button. So again, is there any way to prevent the cut scene thing?
y spore ???
Alright. I just found it unplayable, because it's getting stuck all the time, the menu is not visible, and it's getting stuck whenever a cutscene plays. I have to restart the game every 2 minutes. There are saved games by someone that are still there, so i continued playing from the saved games, because i couldn't get further then the first villian, but it still got stuck after a period of gameplay.
Not working. Unpacked the archive, gets 2 different Spore-icons. Both crashes when I click them.
I heard something about deleting the "Resident Evil 4\Contents\Frameworks\libdsound.dylib" but I dont know if it works. you should backup the file!
When I open the dmg., it comes up as this How do I get this to work?
Download stuffit expander! Create a folder then extract... The main problem is as stated in other comments,the screen goes blank when entering a new stage so its not playable! Anyone know what the problem is as this game looks good! :)
This is a F*&%@*G trial game,don't bother yer arse DL!
All it does now when I try to start it is come up with a spore screen, then a black screen. Any ideas on what to do?
Somebody should make a new cider of RE4 that runs in all its glory! Maybe porting it with cider from a fresh start will have better luck, cause this one thats been going around since the beginning has always gave people problems!
Did anybody else get this to work?
Is anyone going to port Resident Evil 5 for mac?
Watch out- thats fake
Why do 100s of peeps download this, and never leave comments if they got it to work or not? The least we could do for a free game someone took the time to give us. I'm trying to get it to run, but no luck yet. Thanks anyway!
This is fake. Never download. I get an option to debug as I did with spore, as this is an incomplete trial version of spore, and won't let you open the application for shit. And also when you look at the files being transferred to your Applications with Stuffit Expander, you can clearly see they're Spore files. FAKE!
its not working damn
It does work for me, but all i see are windows and laser aim
thenoobish: Can you please re-port this and reupload it? Use RazorPro's steps on The Porting Team.
look for the video tutorial of Resident Evil 4:
how in the fuck did you A. get a ps2 game to work on a mac? B. think that this shit was gonna work and C. fuck this up this bad. GOOD DAY TO YOU SIR
Fuck u bitch it doesn't work for my macbookpro