Ken Boothe - Everything I Own - The Definitive Collection-CAT 

Ken Boothe - Everything I Own - The Definitive Collection-CAT
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When this musical prodigy takes center stage, musical sounds are formed into an unforgettable, everlasting combination of audio and visual artistry. 
This icon of Reggae Music lets his light shine beyond any musical appearance. Ken’s musical gift radiates with love, raw talent, and high voltage energy. 
He becomes a highly tuned living instrument, producing unparalleled. vocal, rhythmic, harmonic, and melodic sounds varying with the soulful intent of his emotions. 

Ken Boothe has one of the most powerful, passionate, emotive voices in the world. He clearly uses the “power of spirit” within to sing from his heart. He is positive energy in motion, extending beyond boundaries, using his “musical genius” to restore harmony, peace and love to this world.

Personal data: Legendary entertainer, singer, song writer and musician. Born in Kingston, Jamaica. Married with children. Proud family man with a strong sense of love for humanity. 

Titles: Mr. Rock Steady, Mr. Smooth, The Voice of Choice, Reggae Giant, The Banner Carrying Singer, King of the Black, Gold, & Green, Master of Musical Dynamics and Internationally Acclaimed 
Reggae Artist.

Fame: His international hit, “Everything I Own” maintained the number one spot on the British National Chart. Also his follow up hit, “Crying Over You” reached number 11 on the BBC. A combination recording with DJ Shaggy of the “Train is Coming” was adopted as the theme song for the movie, “Money Train”.

Musical Awards: The two most recent awards received were the Order of Distinction (O.D.) from the Government of Jamaica and his induction into the Caribbean Hall of Fame, both in 2004. He was granted the Bob Marley Lifetime Achievement Award” in May of 2000 and “The Reggae / Soca Living Legend Award” in March of 1999. In addition, Boothe has received numerous other musical awards during his musical career.

Track Listings

Disc: 1
1. Uno Dos Tres - Stranger Cole, Ken Boothe  
2. What A Day - Stranger Cole, Ken Boothe, Patsy Todd  
3. Suzie - Stranger Cole, Ken Boothe  
4. Paradise - Roy & Ken  
5. The One That I Love  
6. You Left The Water Running  
7. Say You  
8. Lady With The Starlight  
9. Can't You See  
10. Somewhere  
11. Live Good  
12. Can't Fight Me Down  
13. I'm Not For Sale  
14. Old Fashioned Way  
15. Why Baby Why  
16. Keep My Love From Fading  
17. Freedom Street  
18. Artibella  
19. Now I Know  
20. It's Gonna Take A Miracle  
21. Drums Of Freedom  
22. Give To Me  
23. Your Feeling And Mine  
24. I Wish It Could Be Peaceful Again  
25. Trying To Reach  
26. Hallelujah  
27. Stop Your Crying  
28. So Nice  
29. Make Me Feel Alright  
30. Rasta Never Fail - Lloyd Charmers, Ken Boothe
Disc: 2
1. Missing You  
2. Have I Sinned  
3. Ain't No Sunshine  
4. Look What You've Done For Me  
5. Silver Words  
6. Black, Gold And Green  
7. Is It Because I'm Black?  
8. Leaving Me  
9. Let's Get It On  
10. (It's The Way) Nature Planned It - Ken Boothe, B.B. Seaton  
11. Everything I Own  
12. Crying Over You  
13. Let Go  
14. Grandma  
15. Freedom Time (aka Freedom Day)  
16. Love Don't Love Nobody  
17. I'm Singing Home  
18. Blood Brothers  
19. Left With A Broken Heart  
20. You're No Good  
21. Who Gets Your Love  
22. Give Me Back My Heart  
23. The Train Is Coming - Ken Boothe, Shaggy



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