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Video CoPilot - Pro Scores - Zemog
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NOTE: I've got a lot of responses of why I just don't pack everything into a .rar or .iso file. Reason: I want people to be sure that there is no virus in the files. Sure, it goes slower - but hey! It's better then getting a virus

Yarp. Hello. I’m back. About a year ago my Pirate bay account went through a series of unbelievable coincidences, having my account permanently deleted. Not to fret. This gave me a chance to re-do and improve my torrents. So, sorry for the delay… here you are.

What is pro scores?
Orchestral Music Tracks and Epic Musical Elements
Powerful Layered Music Tracks (Percussion, Choirs, Orchestra, etc.)
Tension Building Elements & Editorial Music FX
5 In-Depth Tutorials + 5 Layered Soundtrack Templates

This training product is designed to show you how to create large-scale visual effects in an organized and powerful workflow. Starting with the raw footage, we will build all of the necessary elements to complete this amazing visual effects shot of Sam Loya firing a gun in slow motion.

What else will I learn?
The concepts and techniques will translate to unlimited visual effects possibilities and a powerful compositing pipeline for creative visual effects.
Do I need 3D software experience?
3D experience is not required; neither is an expensive 3D program for that matter. This DVD let's You choose your tools such as: Cinema 4D, 3Ds Max, or the powerful free program called Blender. The Blender portion of the DVD explains the program and everything you need to know to get started. The 3D camera movement is created in the tutorials so we do not need to use match moving software with live-action footage.

- Total value: 95$ + shipping^^

Trailer, promo and more info:


I've also re-uploaded my older torrents. Download them here:

Pro Scores:
Real Clouds:
Video Streams HD:
Riot Gear:
Action Movie Essentials 2:
Film Magic Pro:
Designer Sound Effects:
Action Movie Essentials 1:
The Bullet:

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Thx for share this file, So Coooooooooool ^_^ thank you a million times........... Please can you Upload After Effects Projects
What BS only about 2 of the tracks are regognized by any audio program you can think of. Tried opening in 5 different prpgrams Bad shit!! Don't bother seeing or downloading.
Attention!! Sorry I confused this torrent with another one with about the same name!! This one is super works excelent!! I WILL seed also!! Sorry again!! //Trev
Seed forever please.
I thought it was video tutorials. It has wav files. Dermm. :(
hard to complete download, pls seed...
Please seed ...
Zemog Excellent stuff man!!
Hi Zemog, thx a lot for uploading all these video copilot sources. I'm a very new user of AE, and i'm very looking forward for the pack "Serious FX Training". I couldn't find it anywhere on internet. Can you plz upload it for us if you have it? Regards.
Apparently nobody here has put these to use. These are encrypted...No licence included. He is a GRAPHICS DESIGNER you think he would make his products piratable? hrmmm. Ty anyways
goto after-effects-tools(.)blogspot(.)com for more downloads... :)
Epic Thank you
I appreciate you not putting them in a .rar format. It takes longer to download and then unrar.
thx man. the best
Does this work for Mac??
Thanks mate! I'm starting to get into video effects, and hopefully start to record videos in the near future. And stuff like this will help me greatly. Thanks so much!
Thank you for the share! I'm going to check out your other available items. :)