The Ultimate LAN-party Games Package COOP edition 

The Ultimate LAN-party Games Package COOP edition
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44.5 GB
lan pack lan games LAN COOP co-op games package multiplayer avp2 battlestations pacific civilization 4 call of duty world at war company of heroes defcon doom 3 empire earth far cry flatout 2 graw 2
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The Ultimate LAN-party Games Package COOP edition!

Don't bother with mounting isos, updating, copying cracks etc etc.
This package contains some of the best games throughout the times.
They are all packed either as self extracting archives, archives or installation
exes. For the most of them, all you have to do is extract/install with one
a few clicks and then you are ready to go. Almost all games are already
updated, patched and cracked. Just install and PLAY! On some I have even
included mods, extra maps and other stuff...

This package focuses on providing a great foundation for your LAN-party.
In other words, all games are multiplayer games! However, you can also play
single player on all the games (if everyone else needs to sleep).
This package will make sure that there will always be something to play.
Heck, you don't even need an internet connection, just store this package 
on a shared disk and thats it. 

This package contains 25 different games (not counting addons, expansions
and mods). 

The main focus of this package has been to include games with COOP-capabilities.

I ahve also included a folder with some extras, like disk defragmenter,
directx, physx and some tweaks. You should start by installing Directx!

Check the readme located in every gamefolder for installation instructions
as well as further information about the game.

ALL GAMES EXCEPT GRAW2 and Railroad Tycoon 3 has been tested to work on both
XP and Vista Sp1. So they will most centainly also work on Windows 7.

Total package size for all games: 44,3 GB


* Aliens vs Predator 2 + Primal Hunt
- Has native COOP via multiplayer maps

* Battlestations Pacific
- Native COOP

* Civilization 4 incl warlords and beyond the sword
- Yes, you can play COOP 

* Call of Duty -  World at war
- Native COOP in Campaign and multiplayer maps

* Company of Heroes
- Native COOP via multiplayer maps

* Defcon
- Yes, COOP possible

* DOOM 3 Resurrection of Evil
- Modded to provide campaign COOP

* Empire Earth
- Yes,COOP on multiplayer maps

* Far Cry
- Modded to provide campaign COOP

* FlatOut2
- It's a racing game

* Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2
- Native campaign COOP

* Half-Life 1 collection
- This package includes the original HL1, Blue Shift, opposing force and Decay.
All have been modded so that you can play COOP through the campaigns.
It also includes the SVEN-coop mod which gives COOP via multiplayer maps.

* Half-Life 2 
- It has been modded to provide campaign COOP capabilities

* Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising + Escalation
- Native COOP (campaign)

* Left 4 Dead
- Native COOP

* Quake 2
- Modded to provide COOP through campaign

* Railroad Tycoon 3 + expansion
- You can team up!

* Rainbow Six: Vegas
- native campaign COOP

* Red Alert 2 Yuris Revenge
- You can team up on multiplayer maps

* SWAT 4
- Native campaign COOP

* Unreal Tournament
- You can be in the same team ;)

* warhammer Dawn of war 2
- Native campaign COOP

* world in Conflict
- You can play o the same team!

* Worms Armageddon
- You want to kill everyone!

* C&C Generals: Zero Hour (DFmod)
- You can play in the same team!

Let all of us know if you are setting up a hamachi server for any of the games.

PLEASE help seeding this.


can anyone tell me the Key CD for Doom 3 please ???!!!!
Hello everyone, I registered purely to comment on this package. First off, amazing work; xitars. Second, I'm only at 8.5% and there aren't many seeders. Although this will use up more than half of my total bandwidth for the month, I will continue to seed this when it is done. These kind of packages should be a CATEGORY on all sites because of their extreme awesomeness. Very big thanks to the uploader, when I get the entire collection, I'll help whoever is having troubles! This looks very tasty and I have been downloading for 2 days now on my slow 10mbit connection. Will seed when finished.
I spent the last 2-3 weeks downloading this torrent and something went wrong at 93%. It says it's inaccessible something about IO and I'm unable to resume it from the spot I left off at, has anyone else had this issue? I've already deleted it and started to redownload since I think this is too good to pass up. Thanks to the original seeder regardless of headaches.
sorry zepallica I'm only at 49% Everything looks fine so far, when I finish I'll give you a shout if anything is wrong
i have found that lan play on win7 with vista boxes will not work
Come on people!! My router have a limit at 2MB/s up and down!! I'll seed this for weeks!! But you got to seed before i i can seed 100% I'll seed as much as I can while seeding! And remember! Sharing is caring
The American with BitLord is the onlyone seeding?!?! WTF?!?! I'll seed this for weeks when i'm done! The American is seeding 50KB/s.. Keep on!
why isn't warcraft 3 or diablo here?? :(
i think Worms Armageddon doesn't support XP. Worms World Party is
Great collection! Good for house lan parties! Now only left is to SEED!!!
selling Adobe Creative Suite 4 Master Collection at cheap prices.. dont waste time and bandwidth for items you an get at a GREAT price!!! also have latest PC games and MAC Applications..
The problem with seeding is that, many download ONLY they game of choice. After that most disable they internet to setup their computers for LAN play (LAN Party). I will also download only FarCry and seed it as much as possible. Seeding is Sharing. Sharing is a very good thing. So seed people, seeeeeeeed.
please seed
Just like anboriz signed up just to make a comment to this torrent so did I The reason is simple - ratio is about 2.2 as shows my torrent client for up to two months of downloading and I still can't get my hands on this games. Just trying to tell for people who seed this torrent - keep it that way and thank you all!
Thanks a bunch for making this DL, perfect! I'm somewhat a nab at this whole crack1n thng.. so.. I'm getting Ordinal Not Found, what does that mean? (The ordinal 5297 could not be located in the dynamic link library xlive.dll) Something to do with registry ?
did wic work for anybody?
is there a way to install it in d:\? dont have enough space on c: and cant remove/delete anything on c:
Sorry, but there seems to be a problem with doom 3. I start the game and i can't iniciate a campaign coop (starting game with client) because it asks for a serial. I tried putting some from but it didnt work. Any sugestions? Regard
We installed AVP and halflife successfully but how do we start a campaign coop game?
xlive.dll is missing on warhammer... waiting forever to install microsoft games client for a fix I hope...
warhammer won't work for anybody... I doubt... don't bother downloading from the pack -- game works it's just you have to download windows game client to get it to play, and then you need to own the game to sign in and play.
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