Opie and Anthony 2009-01-02-O&A Worst of XM/Sirius CF64k mp3 

Opie and Anthony 2009-01-02-O&A Worst of XM/Sirius CF64k mp3
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O&A Worst of
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Opie and Anthony XM/Sirius "Worst of" uncensored commercialfree 64k mp3


thank you!!
Again from the Lazlow blog: "The original post on my site has launched an enormous debate about content, piracy and compensation, and it's an interesting discussion to have - and I think one that needed to happen overall. And some fans took action against the torrent dicks. From what I hear the box set got pulled down." whata prick, no acknowledgment that you took it down yourself.
is laz sposed to do the research? fuck off quit sucking mothergooses dick.
> is laz sposed to do the research? He knew enough that it went up, surely he could have figured out it was down 3 days later. Lazlow also claimed that "the whole box set with extras" was out there. If it was, THAT WASN'T ME. I put up 22KHz rips of the show only, no HQ, no extras.
TY MG :) SpecialED3 u have a link to the lazlow blog in question? I'd like to take a look.
Nice to put a voice to an source. Thou the mystery of thee mother goose has vanished. But calling from the internet did make you sound like a super villain.
huzzah bro, i didnt have my xm for like a month... time to catch up on some o and a courtesy of teh mothergoose \../. SPREAD THE VIRUS
FOr anyone who wants it, Here is a TED THE(fill in the blank) collection From the year. http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/4622480
Oh, and too add to your post special ed. I've never been a huge fan of lazlow, I've heard his show a cpl times, But the shitdick complains about the piracy of his box set, He says he doesn't need the money but it's useful. SO why not offer it for free then. He;s obviously not hurting for cash, he's got the biggest video game series ever. And as far as Big Wayne being unemployed, get your fatass up and get a job.
oh, and also, Just to add, I do pay for xm and i have since 05, so I only DL so i can have them to listen to later or 5 years from now.
> But calling from the internet did make you sound like a super villain. ! It's the role I was playing anyway..... One of my pals heard it and was like "did you just say I APOLOGIZE?" And I didn't hang up on him, my laptop battery shit out. - Brand new LIVE 01-05-09 O&A up in about 30/35 min...
Jesus Christ. Just read the Laz controversy. Sorry tons for what I got you into by requesting it Goosey!