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PoisonI Trusted
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Genre: Heavy Metal
Type: Album
Songs: 13
Rls Date: 15-01-2007
Company: AFM
Cat Nr: n/a
Encoder: LAME
Quality: VBR/44,1/Joint-Stereo
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Source: CDDA
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Length: 43:52 min


01. King (Full Version)                            
02. Children of Lies (Full Version)              
03. King                                          
04. Take Back Your Soul                           
05. Forgotten Land                               
06. Scary Zone                                   
07. Children of Lies                               
08. Break All the Welds                            
09. Godlen Empire                                  
10. Primitive Chaos                               
11. Breathe                                       
12. Box of Illusions                              
13. Almah

Release Notes: Angra?s vocalist Edu Falaschi is recording his first solo album. The project is called ?Almah? and it relies not only on Edu?s talents as a singer, songwriter, arranger and producer but also on the likes of drummer Casey Grillo (Kamelot), guitarist Emppu Vuorinen (Nightwish) and bassist Lauri Porra (Stratovarius). Many other special guests shall appear in ?Almah?, like Mike Stone (Queensriche), Edu Ardanuy (Dr.Sin), National Brazilian Gospel Choir, etc. The whole album is going to be mixed in Brazil by Adriano Daga, responsible for the production of many important brazilian artists and also worked with some iternational artists like Silverchair, Lenny Kravitz, etc. Adriano Daga won a GRAMMY award in 2005. Edu recorded, all keyboards, some guitar riffs and all acoustic guitar himself and came up with the guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, vocal and orchestral arrangements. According to him, this was his main motivation when figuring the new project out: ?It?s a completely new experience. I was able to fully explore my creative sides as a songwriter, lyricist, arranger and producer?, he said.

Musically, Edu says that, even though the ?songs are pretty different from each other?, the album is not too far away from the heavy metal that?s made him a successful artist worldwide. ?My main goal when doing this album was coming up with something that would not focus that much on the individual musicians, but rather in the music itself.? He believes the ?Almah? repertoire will work live pretty well too. ?After all, we?re talking about songs with amazing choruses and exciting harmonies. I would say the melodies are really emotional and build an extremely positive atmosphere.?

Furthermore, ?Almah? revolves around a very specific concept. ?It discusses our feelings basically?, says the singer. ?Almah is a so-called universe with a lot of different worlds, namely our feelings. Therefore, each person ?inhabits? and grows in his own world. To put it simply, some inhabit the world of greed, others the world of courage, hatred, love and so on. This is what defines the personalities of each one of us.? Edu illustrates all of these different ?worlds? with several examples taken out from History. ?For example, when I am talking about betrayal, I use the story of Tutankhamen, a pharaoh in Egypt?s 18th dynasty. He died at the early age of 18 as a victim of betrayal of his own priests.? He comments that there?s a great deal of controversy when it comes to the real meaning of the word ?almah?. ?Some say it means ?purity? or ?virginity? in Hebrew. Others sustain it actually stands for ?malice? or ?perversion?, though. This is a duality that inhabits everybody?s souls?, he claims. And the word ?Almah? in portuguese sounds like ?Alma?, that means ?Soul?, therefore it´s perfect to represent, even more, what this whole project means, says Falaschi.

?Almah? is scheduled for a mid-year release and Edu intends to play shows ?whenever possible?.

The first two songs are full versions, the rest is mixed together for the promo version.