X-Plane v8.40 and Entire World DVD Set 

X-Plane v8.40 and Entire World DVD Set
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39.15 GB
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The best flight simulator to date.  Fly anywhere in the world or on Mars in any aircraft.

Have Fun.



I can't seem to make this work. I've downloaded x-plane.mdf and canada.mdf, I run the installer on x-plane then on canada, and then I run the game. The only scenery I get is for the KSBD demo area; everywhere else is just water. Does anybody have any ideas? Perhaps I could manually copy the terrain files to another directory?
i don't get it... the sizes don't add up to 39gb
Okay for all of us loving X-plane: If somebody get an eye of where to downolad x-plane 9, please post it here so the rest of us can dl it. Thanks ya all, and most of all: thanks Austin :)
buffybill fuck you you stupid cunt
Hi, My torrent is moving like mollasses (5weeks soild ETA, which would amount in more power bills than buying it) so I was just wondering if you could email me a direct link or ftp adress for it from your server. I promise not to share the address (which is why I want you to email it) but I will share the files once done. My public email address is: spammytrash@hotmail.com Cheers, and Happy Holidays
I just HAD 2b ain a continent thats over 6GiB! FUCK! question:if i only install africa, the rest of the world bcomes water?? wat of just the X-Plane game with no "land" images? Iv begun my d/load now... b back in 6months wen its done!
i got the core only. none of the continents yet. and this is a must hav (along with a joystick). works well! viva la macintosh!
DL program and USA. Installed program, works fine.Try to install scenery, bur get a message: cannot extract a file, directory.test.zip is missing or dammaged. Did a check on USA scenery but it is 100%. And the file is in the scenery file and not dammaged. I tried to install it with PowerIso. It is too big to burn it on a DVD. Can someone help me. And thanks SupplyGiver for the upload.
REQ: X-plane 9 DVD
x9 isn't out yet btw: http://www.graphsim.com/ReleasePages/release-x-plane-9-02-15-08.html next month though :)
Just started downloading this, will upload as well so everyone gets it faster, hope you guys are doing the same.
@coolklong: judging by the way you laid out your text you are the stupid one, if you actually looked at the files you would understand why a flight simulator, not a game, is so big, considering it covers every area on the planet (almost)
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