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This page hosts some of the most asked questions, all answered in one neat bundle. Enjoy.
The Bay

Why create this?

This was created to answer some common questions that people have about us and the site.

How does Malaysiabay work?

You enter "" into the address bar or click a link to the site.
A request is sent to our server, which is stored in a top secret location.
Our server takes the request and sends the homepage back to you.
You search from the search box and we use a PHP form to send the query to The Pirate Bay.
We gather the results from TPB and display them to you.
You click on a torrent (or another page) and we grab the torrent link from TPB and start your download.
If you clicked on another page, then we do step 5 again, all in a fraction of a second!
You evade the ban on, "Like us" on Facebook, send a nice message to us via PM and ultimately get your content.

Why does it crash?

Sometimes when you are trying to use the site you will notice that it will crash or display an error message. The most common reason for this is that the original TPB ( is down. If you read the above on how the site works, you will realise that we need to pull the results from TPB. If TPB is down we can't do this, and so whenever TPB is down, so is any other proxy site.

We constantly monitor the site to make sure it is up as much as possible, and we have upgraded the servers a few times to cope with more demand as more and more people find out about the site.

Who runs the site?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions. Unfortunately, as we are sure you will understand, for legal reasons we will not be disclosing our names at this point in time.

Where is the site run from.

Malaysia, coincidentally. This means the US can't touch us. Fuck you America.

What is the site coded in?

The site is coded in multiple languages, be it formatting or programming languages:

We use HTML as the backbone of every single page that we serve to you. The page you are on right now is built on HTML.

We use CSS for the user interface to make the pages look nice. Have we done a good job?

We use the programming language PHP to do all the backend tasks like fetching the results from The Pirate Bay etc.

How do I start my own?

You want to start your own site huh? Great. The more the merrier as we are concerned. First think of all hte lgeal implications and if you would be up for the challenge. You may have to code to fix some of your own problems. It is hard work sometimes but extremely fun overall. If you're sure that you're up for the challenge then head here. We wish you success, mate'y.