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Happy Independence Day!

Today we celebrate!

Six years ago on this day, the 31st of May, the Swedish police raided our facilities. They worked hard and long and tried stealing all of our servers, all of our backups and all of our admins. As usual, they did not succeed. After our opponents dropped their victory in their press releases (that were written 4 days before the raid, weird huh?) we got the site back online in no time. After three days the site was running almost like before - we could have been faster but we had to do alot of interviews and we had to drink some rum.

Today, six years after the raid the site is STILL ONLINE!

oh, and we've grown a bit. From 2.5 million peers at the time of the raid to 30-40 million peers. From 1 million registered users to 5.7 million. We used to be ranked just among the top 500 websites in the world - now we're top 60. And when we write that _we_ are growing, we mean the community. It's awesome to see the support the community show us. Even in our bad moments, we get your support. We're really happy that you do this, every fan letter we get, every time someone say something nice to us, we really understand that we do something important, something that is more important than ourselves.

We haven't done everything right. We're amateurs in a lot of fields. But we're experts in having fun and making a lot of file sharing happening. And we keep on improving on the areas we find our flaws. And you guys help us out. Thank you so much!

To celebrate today, we encourage you to keep on sharing. Keep on uploading, downloading, swapping bits of information. Let today be the pirates independence day! Today we celebrate the victories we've had and the victories that will come. Today we celebrate that we're united in our efforts. Keep on waving that black flag!

Posted 05-31 2012 by Winston Bay


#1. https - 05-31 2012
Hail TPB.

On the day Sky join the ranks of the censors. One by one they fall to the Ministry of so called 'Justice'

Just as well google aren't really in the ISP business yet .....

31st of May as Pirates Independence Day sounds like a splendid idea to me.

#2. politux - 05-31 2012
Keep on being amazing TPB!
#3. KevanGC - 05-31 2012

Just one mistake, your Twitter is "@tpbdotorg", but your website is ThePirateBay.SE, not .ORG. Just something I noticed, other than that keep up the awesome work! :)

Again, yarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
#4. rax0983 - 05-31 2012
This website is brilliant! The community is great and your attitude to what you are achieving is amazing, keep up the good work!
#5. T4 - 05-31 2012
Best site in the world, thanks for your efforts and your strong attitude against all those motherfuckers trying to shut you down, we all are one strong force and will never leave without a fight.

Happy Pirates Independence Day to all!
#6. CH23 - 05-31 2012

Make it a good one mateys!
Let the Rum flow!
#7. tmxlqms - 05-31 2012
Congratulations! This site means a lot to people all over the world; you guys make a lot of shit happen! Keep up the good work :)
#8. baiscope - 05-31 2012
#9. shucuz - 05-31 2012

A thank you to all the old admins,

the new ones,

and the ones to come.

And a thank you to those who pay for their items yet still torrent their copy,

to those who scour the ends of the internet for new material to help the cause,

to those who release their stuff for free.

To the seeders, i thank,

For the leechers, i pray,

To the DRM campaigners, i laugh,

For the jailed and fined, i cry.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
#10. reting25 - 05-31 2012
Thank You for being there for the world!
I believe your work is helping and will help bring about a better system of distributing the world's wealth and resources. Big words, I know, but I believe this is the right track to go on.

Long live TPB!
#11. - 05-31 2012
God Bless ThePirateBay!!! I just want say that what you guys are doing is something valuable and it will be written in history. keep up the good work and know this that you have our support.
Long live TPB and congrats on the independence day.
#12. - 05-31 2012
I forgot to say this:
FUCK whoever that fucks with TPB!
#13. pricegeoffrey - 05-31 2012
Congratulations on 6 years and so many tens of millions of us! Thanks for putting up with the legal pressure and arrests/raids! I just uploaded a play I wrote about the COS and LRH, set near the Hollywood Celebrity Centre and in Clearwater at Flag Land Base. I wrote it specifically for Piratebay and for you all. My hope is that the democratic government of Germany will not let you read it when they try to ban it as they do all other Dianetics/Scientology propaganda, which is, of course, what i want the repressive government to determine it is. The play is called Marco: Polo. I hope you enjoy it as much as you enjoy the political philosophy of free flowing information, while we still have that little freedom left.
#14. Alenthas - 05-31 2012
We love youuuuuuu
#15. thomess - 05-31 2012
We love thepiratebay!! though there are many torrent tracking sites up now, none have had the struggle with the law that you guys ever had. You are the true pirates . Long live the pirate bay!!
#16. exsavior10 - 05-31 2012
#17. kurobimu - 05-31 2012
You Guys Are Awesome and I think
you are the best one who try to help people to have freedom!
I hope more people will join your effort !

#18. sam_code4u - 05-31 2012
Long Live TPB! :)
#19. crogeek - 05-31 2012
Long live TPB!
Fuck greedy noobs
#20. LillaIgelkotten - 05-31 2012
Tack så mycket TPB! Thank you! Gracias!

You are the ones who made possible for me to get access to many movies, who are not easy to find because they're not "commercial", you helped me to find TV shows, books, games, music, software to learn other languages, among many, many other things.
I do not have the resources to pay for the 99% of the software I own, so if it weren't for you I wouldn't have enjoyed and learnt many things that are useful to me now. For this, thanks again.
I truly believe that culture and knowledge should be free, as it is the way for mankind to progress and achieve a better quality of life. Unfortunately, as the people who make the laws are so influenced for the big companies who want to profit even laughter (as we say in Colombia), those who still believe on this are labeled as the villains. But those who are the real people, the ones who want to get culture and tools to improve, think differently. And that's why piracy will not be killed or stopped until the culture and knowled
#21. radioman-lt - 05-31 2012
Hip hip hooray! ;} seeed! ;}
#22. gorgio60 - 05-31 2012
I'm a Pirate,so what? I love it...Keep up the good work.
#23. colpen - 05-31 2012
WOW 6 years and quite a few battles won.
I am in the UK, the current blocks are only giving you even more publicity and we all know how useless they are/will be.
I hope that The Promo Bay will take over from BPI/MAFIAA companies.
Keep up the great work.
#24. srinumad - 05-31 2012
happy independence to all my pirate bay fans.. love u a lot :)
#25. Mattski83 - 05-31 2012
Long live TPB!
Sadly today Sky blocked TPB.
BT, O2(Telefonica), and TalkTalk are due on June 13th to block out TPB.
To help with circumventing/bypassing the blocks and still use The Pirate Bay use: and
Long Live TPB!
#26. sidbizkit - 05-31 2012
good job fellas.. keep the site alive and we'll do the rest :D
#27. TrexWarrior - 06-01 2012
I love this site. If I ever win the lottery I will make one generous donation to ensure that the pirate bay lives long and strong. Until then I will do my part to seed till my eyes bleed.

Long live TPB
#28. asdf672001 - 06-01 2012
Happy anniversary to the galaxy's most resilient bitorrent site - its funny to see the overfed, overpaid, unfit and corpulent corporate suits trying to torpedo the Pirate ship and failing to hit the hungry, fit,lithe and youthful target.

Looking forward to you guys out smarting and out witting these
greedy people for many years to come.
#29. mrnexus - 06-01 2012
It's only right that we as TPB community teach future generations about sharing what you have with others who are less fortunate or who can't afford the next big game,dvd,software etc etc,so whatever you have learn how to upload it and share it i say this as am trying to learn at the moment how to share the things i have been lucky enough to afford,take care everyone :)
#30. radioman-lt - 06-01 2012 - - i registered this domain to easily remember, cheers! ;}
#31. covacsVR - 06-02 2012
Thank you .. you have always been there for us we will be there for you no matter who bans you .. hail TPB
#32. findmuzu - 06-04 2012
#33. tinytheyfon - 06-05 2012
you guys are amazinggggg
#34. zed1234 - 06-08 2012
Congrats guys! Keep on with the good work!

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